Mérens horse

Full-blooded horse with prehistoric roots

All features of the Mérens horse

The Mérens horse is a small black horse with an average height of 1.45 to 1.55 meters. Characteristic of the Mérens breed are the deep black colour, sturdy build, full manes and lush tail. That makes them impressive appearances. A pleasant character makes them the perfect recreational horse for large children and adults.

Prehistoric roots

The origin of the Mérens horse lies in the French Pyrenees, in the valley of the Ariège. That’s why horse lovers sometimes call the animal Ariégeois. The earliest traces of the Mérens go back to prehistoric rock drawings in the cave of Niaux near Tarascon. Many centuries later, Charlemagne and Napoleon used the mountain horse for their armies because of its strength and courage.

The horse owes its pure-bred survival to some passionate breeders, who continued to breed in the traditional way: by grazing in the mountains. Thanks to their efforts, the first Mérens studbook in the world was founded in 1947. This guaranteed the survival of the breed. Only since 1998 has the breed officially been called ‘Mérens horse’.

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Compact build, endurance & obedience

Qualities of the Mérens horse

Until the 1970s, farmers used the Mérens mainly for small-scale work and in forestry. Its compact build and great endurance made the horse extremely suitable for that work.

Due to mechanized agriculture, the Mérens horse evolved into a leisure horse. Horsemen with any experience praise the animal for its adaptability, honesty, obedience and endurance.

In addition to recreational use, the versatile Mérens horse lends itself to various disciplines of competitive sports. Whether it’s trekking, endurance tests such as Endurance, the TREC (technique de randonnée équestre de compétition), dressage or vaulting, the black prince of Artiège can handle them all.

In front of the carriage, the Mérens also excels. Its plane and regular gaits guarantee efficient energy use and sign for a quiet ride. Due to its reliable character, you can harness the Mérens with a safe feeling.

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Mérens horse

Characteristic of the Mérens breed are the deep black color, sturdy build, full manes and lush tail.


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