Jackpot d’Alby

Jackpot d’Alby was approved as a stud in 2022. In the same year, he became youth champion. The stallion is very sensible and easy to handle. We got the horse from breeder Haras d’Alby (Bosc family). The stud fee for this stallion is € 350.00 + 21% VAT.

Mérens centre from Ternat

Get to know Jackpot's family tree

Jackpot d'Alby (2019)

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Lolita de Vives (1999)
Oriege du Destel (2002) Don Juan d'Olmes (1991)
Joy des Hyeres (1997)

Beautyful d'Alby (2011)

Joc de Val Mairo (1997) Campiun de Val Mairo (1990)
Drayo de Val Mairo (1991)
Isane des Martis (1996) Segur du Coyt (1984)
Didji des Martis (1991)