Mérenscentrum from Ternat

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Horse breeding

Four purebred stallions continue the bloodline of the Mérens horse.


Rental farming

A carriage with horses? Or a party at our coach house? Both are for rent.


Training centre

Our experts train young driving horses and train them to be reliable mounts.


Horse hotel

Good hands will pamper your horse while you enjoy a virtuous holiday.

Mérens centre in Ternat

Who are we?

On the outskirts of Brussels, in Ternat to be precise, is our Mérens Centre. What started as horse breeding has evolved into a training centre for riding horses. The coach house is available for events. Our carriage with our two beautiful Mérens horses is also waiting for you.

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Focus on welfare

The horse at the centre

The Mérens Centre is owned by De Meuter- Oltmans bv from Ternat. Our approach is all about the welfare of our horses. Feel free to let us know if we can share that passion for horses with you!

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