Training centre

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During the course of four to six weeks

Driving training for young horses

At the Mérens Centre, our experts train young driving horses and train them to be reliable riders. Both our home-bred horses and horses from third parties receive correct, technical training in:

The horse training takes place in a very relaxed atmosphere. On average, the process takes four to six weeks, depending on what the horse needs to be taught. You can follow the training together with your horse. During the training period, a stable will be available in the Mérens Centre.

Focus on the interaction between you and your horse


With this form of therapy, you and our horses will look for your inner strength. Under the guidance of a coach, you give meaning to the behavior and signals that the horse sends out.

The interaction between humans and animals helps to align your feelings, thoughts and actions. By asking the right question, we help you to regain confidence in yourself.

Individuals and companies can contact us for the following training courses (individually or in a group):


Have your horses trained skillfully?

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