Océan de l'Abatch

Reliable and energetic as he is, Océan was approved as a stud in 2006. He combines all the characteristics of the breed: a solid build, full manes and a compliant character. In 2010, he became ‘Champion suprême sénior’ in Bouan (FR).

Both under the saddle, in driving as well as in dressage, crosscountry and in front of the carriage. The latter is his favourite activity. Océan runs in tandem as a forerunner and is our leader in the four-in-hand.

Mérens centre from Ternat

Introducing the Family tree of Océan


Quellus (1982) Kebir II
Biche XXXX

Elbe de Quint

Ségur du Coyt (1984) Uranium (1964)
L'Arize (1977)
Tulipe de Quint (1985) Nogarède de l'Oum (1979)
Olizia (1980)