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Four approved Mérens stallions

Love at first sight

In 2002 we visited the French National Inspection of Bouan. There we were very impressed by all the demonstrations. In particular the one of a carriage with four approved Mérens stallions.

One of them was Kirov and he was for sale, because breeder Alain Bares had to import new blood into his breeding line. It was love at first sight. A week after the inspection, we contacted Alain to complete the sale as quickly as possible.

Horses with a beautiful base

The origin of our horse breeding

Next to Kirov, we took his brother and half-brother with us. We added another beautiful three-year-old mare, who had finished fourth in her category at the national inspection. At that time, there was no project plan behind these purchases, let alone a study of breeds. It was only later that we discovered the versatile qualities of the Mérens breed.

It is a horse with a beautiful base: an expressive appearance and a soft character with a fundamental bloodline. The Mérens studbook has no less than 40 members and 300 horses. That studbook complements our horse breeding these days.

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Mérens horse

Characteristic of the Mérens breed are the deep black color, sturdy build, full manes and lush tail.


Stallion husbandry

In our stallion farm, we have four approved stallions that meet the breed standard.



See here which horses are currently staying in the horse breeding farm of the Mérens Centre.


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We offer you many high-quality horses that come from a strong bloodline. Check them out here.

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