Hannibal du Coyt

Hannibal du Coyt joined our stallion farm in 2022. He has a sweet and soft character and is a very sporty type. This is proven by his victories as youth champion in 2021 and vice youth champion in 2022. We got the stallion from breeder Didier Dupuy – Haras du Coyt. He became French champion in driving sport in 1986. The cover fee for this stallion is € 350.00 + 21% VAT.

Mérens centre from Ternat

Get to know the family tree of Hannibal

Hannibal du Coyt (2017)

Olympio de Salles (2002) Illamat du Gay (1996) Vengeur Basterne (1987)
Soraya du Fabran (1984)
Djemila de Carabas (1991) Narcisse Castelmir (1979)
Oranie (1980)

Pagode du Coyt (2003)

Jas du Coyt (1997) Caraco de Bigorre (1990)
Riege du Coyt (1983)
Une du Coyt (1986) Oustalot (1980)
Esbouno (1970)