Mérens centre from Ternat

Torrent de l'Abatch

Unfortunately, our Torrent died and is no longer available. He deserves a place of honour on this page. Torrent had an incredible amount of charisma and work ethic. He brought new blood into our breeding farm.

Together with Océan, he was a two-horse and four-horse carriage star. Not only as a sport type, but also as a breed horse he had a sublime physique and it was therefore no surprise that he became champion senior in 2015.

From his father Darius Fantilhou, he inherited an expressive head with full manes. He was relatively simple to use. His courage and frankness made him a fine horse that we will never forget.

Mérens centre from Ternat

Introducing the Torrent Family Tree

Darius Fantilhou

Malte de Vivies Feuillage
Psyche Fantilhou Litron

Kréole de l'Abatch

Empereur des Hyere Nogarède de l'Oum
Ariègeoise II
Esclote du Coyt Segur du Coyt
Bouno du Coyt