Mérens centre from Ternat

Kirov de l'Abatch

Kirov de l’Abatch is the horse that started our passion for the Mérens horse. In line with the breed standard, Kirov has a deep black coat, sturdy build with big manes and full tail. The horse has an incredible amount of charisma and has often represented the breed at fairs.

In addition, he has a lot of dressage experience and has proven himself as a teaching horse for classical dressage. Kirov is purebred, approved and comes from a good bloodline. His father’s father, Nogarède de L’Oum, became four-time champion and supreme champion in 1983. Kirov himself was crowned ‘Champion Senior‘ in Bouan (France) in 2006.

Mérens centre from Ternat

Get to know the family tree of Kirov

Empereur des Hyere (1992)

Nogarède de l'Oum (1979) Héraclès (1973)
Gaillarde (1972)
Ariègeoise II (1988) Quellus (1982)
Occasion (1980)

Douce de Quint (1991)

Ségur du Coyt (1984) Uranium (1964)
L'Arize (1977)
Tulipe de Quint (1985) Nogarède de l'Oum (1979)
Olizia (1980)